GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Are UK Businesses More Cautious?

By Mark Kirby, MD

As tired as we are of hearing the media term ‘Credit Crunch’, we at GoResponse have seen a change in dynamics in our client’s business over the last 6 months. Although we are 35% up on year on year sales, there has been a lot more caution with fewer companies exploring new services and product launches and more focussing on developing and retaining existing business.

Certainly within our industry we have seen and heard of some providers losing a substantial amount of their client base or panic selling with unsupportable offerings. Personally, I think this economic correction is a good thing. It will shake the bad fruit
It also makes us re-assess how we are doing and what we can do better for our business partners.

Therefore, I thought I would bring you into our focus for the next 6 months. We are taking the strategy that our clients will want more value, more accountability and more return from their existing expenditure. So rather than cutting back, we have actually decided to invest harder into the areas of the business that will give you better returns. Watch out for blog posts over the next few days to find out how you can benefit from an improved customer experience.

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