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Applying quality monitoring to webchat is essential

Web cameraThe popularity of webchat is increasing, with call centres relying on the system to serve as an engaging method for talking to customers. However, it is crucial that companies apply quality monitoring to the channel to ensure they are offering the best service possible.

Whilst telephone answering services might be well versed in monitoring telephone calls, adapting such processes to new channels, such as webchat, is essential if consistency is to be provided across a business. Several key steps can be taken to ensure the written word is coming across as well as telephone communication.

First, all interactions need to be personalised. Although it’s fine to have pre-written responses for frequently asked questions and even a skeleton script if required, agents need to engage people on a personal level. Employees also need to have excellent writing skills so they can be clear and concise and avoid being taken out of context. In addition, call centre agents should not be afraid to switch channels if needed. For example, if the answer to a question is too complex to be easily explained via text, calling the customer could be an ideal solution.

Finally, it’s also good practice to ensure that customers understand their journey. For example, after the webchat is over, what should they do? Customers can be given website addresses and contact numbers if required so that their online chat can be a positive engagement instead of leaving them floundering.

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