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Applicant screening phone lines

If you work in HR, you will realise how important it is to keep in touch with your employees. This however can be a difficult task, as the business grows you may have to deal with employees who work shifts or even on the other side of the world.
HR solutions that telephone answering services provide include:

• Absence logging systems – your employees will be able to speak to a real person to log their absence when you are not in the office.
• Information lines – If you are always busy and struggle to answer the phone, a great idea is to have a telephone number that your employees can call to find out basic information on HR polices or safe systems of work.
• Lone worker escalation lines – If you have lone workers working in part of your facility at times when HR are not in the building, it’s important that they have a phone number to call to speak to a real person instead of an answering machine.
• Job applicant screening – Instead of spending hours phoning potential job candidates, they can call the telephone answering service who will screen them to see if they meet basic job criteria requirements.

If you use a telephone answering service, you will be able to rely on trained staff who will work to procedures set out by yourself. Because of this you can take advantage of 24×7 monitoring and reduce the burden of excessive workload at times of peak demand.

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