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Answering calls with correct greeting is essential for success

Serious black businesswoman on phone at deskA new study shows that many small businesses are answering calls with a simple “Hello” and that this greeting could be putting potential customers off. Any initial interaction can have an impact on whether a consumer wants to further their relationship with a brand, so it is essential that telephone answering services get it right.

In a poll of 300 small businesses, it was found that 26 per cent answered the phone with a simple and curt “Hello”. However, when consumers were asked for their views on this, many said they found such a greeting “off-putting”, “rude” and “unprofessional”. This means that many firms might be losing customers with their first word.

Joanna Swash, an expert in the industry, said: “It’s small but significant. The last thing a business wants is to blow a possible opportunity from the second they answer the phone. How a business answers its calls is hugely important, but so many small business owners overlook this. A telephone call is often the first contact a person has with a business, so to make an impact that first impression has to be spot-on.”

If call centres want to start all of their interactions off in a positive manner, they need to avoid answering the phone in this way. The most common greeting – and the one that is considered the most professional – mentions the time of day and the company name. In fact, 46 per cent of small firms answer the phone in this manner. By doing so, they are creating every chance for positive engagement and a potential new customer.

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