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Annual call centre conference

Each year in the Middle East there is an annual call centre conference. This conference is held in Dubai this year wherein call centres, outsourcing, and telephone answering service companies will meet to discuss agreements about the industry. The conference is very important to the entire world since outsourcing is a big part of many companies in the UK, US, Australia and other parts of the globe. For any company that is looking at telephone answering services as a potential option, this conference can help you make a decision. The outcome of the conference will determine rate changes, industry changes in terms of hardware, software and other insights.

The Middle East and India have had the largest market share up until the last few years in regards to outsourcing and telephone answering services. It is probably one of the reasons that the conference is to be held in Dubai. Another reason is that Dubai is becoming a central figure for the Middle East with its powerful money.

The changes may affect the industry in terms of call centre rates and options. This is why it may be a good idea to learn about the upcoming changes that are under discussion. Outsourcing is one industry that is still seeing a relatively small income rate for the workers in order to keep it an affordable and viable option for businesses. If India and the Middle East become unreasonable in terms of rates there may be a switch to the Philippines, which can offer savings for your company.

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