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AMD+ effectiveness validated in new study

performance level conceptual meterA new study has validated the effectiveness of AMD+, allowing call centres to maximise their productivity and avoid wasting time on answering machines. Ultracomms’ new Answer Machine Detection tool also allows for accurate abandonment statistics to be reported to Ofcom whilst enhancing consumer experiences and making the compliance process easier.

As part of the research, independent consultancy firm DJN Solution conducted impartial testing on AMD+. They then assessed the technology utilised to run the solution. More than 3,000 calls were monitored during the four-day data period. It was shown that detection rates of answered phones by AMD+ was 28.9 per cent, with 99.9026 per cent accuracy.

AMD+ is the result of many years of collaborative work to ensure that the solution is maximised for productivity. Data is automatically sent to Ofcom, making reporting easy and accurate. Meanwhile, the solution runs in the background and is undetectable to customers and telephone answering services agents. In addition, there’s no delay at the start of the call, improving the overall experience.

Ultracomms’ chief operating officer, Darren Sullivan, said: “One of the key challenges facing contact centre organisations is how to maximise productivity while ensuring customer experience is maintained and that compliance with the various regulatory bodies is achieved. This new study shows how our unique approach to Answer Machine Detection using algorithms, rather than cadence-based technology, can provide significant benefits to contact centre organisations.”

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