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Akixi utilised by medical centre to manage calls

311-108Modern call centres must successfully meet increasing demands from customers if they want to find success. Even in the public sector, organisations must ensure that consumers experience the best journey possible. To this end, Sheffield’s Gleadless Medical Centre has used Akixi to better manage their telephone answering services offerings.

With almost 9,000 registered patients and around 30 staff and partners, Gleadless Medical Centre requires a swift and effective communication centre to stay afloat. To help with daily call management processes, the medical centre was using a Siemens OptiPoint 500 phone system. However, the centre’s business manager, Stella Crookes, explained that this alone could not provide the demanded service.

“The NHS conducts regular surveys to ensure that we are meeting our patients’ needs in all regards,” Ms Crookes said. “A recurring issue in the surveys was getting through to the centre by phone and the time taken to answer.”

The medical centre turned to Akixi, a hosted call management and reporting service. This service is low in cost because it is hosted and does not require companies to buy hardware or go through complex upgrades and implementations. Comprehensive call reporting is provided, allowing firms such as the Gleadless Medical Centre to follow calls in real-time and act immediately to resolve errors. For example, Crookes is alerted when a queue is overrun and can take actions to ensure calls are answered swiftly.

Tools like Akixi are likely to become more common as call centres utilise hosted software to answer their communication demands. Crookes explained: “…Akixi has allowed us to use existing resources more effectively to meet patient needs.”

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