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AI expected to power almost all consumer interactions

Artificial intelligence concept with man and laptopServion Global Solutions predicts that by 2025, 95 per cent of customer interactions will be powered using artificial intelligence (AI). The organisation warned that many companies and call centres are failing to future-proof themselves, and they risk being left behind when virtual reality, AI, holograms and augmented reality become aspects of everyday life.

Many AI technologies are already being used by the telephone answering services industry, and automation has played a role in certain firms for some time. However, a tipping point is now being reached, with machines on the verge of taking over many aspects of everyday business.

Moreover, customers are demanding the use of such tools. Servion expects that almost all interactions will use AI in some form by 2025, and many customers will be unable to identify whether they have even encountered such technology on their customer journey.

Servion’s Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle Eastern and Asia operations, Shashi Nirale, said: “Quite simply, everything has become commoditised – with organisations struggling to compete on price and product offerings, delivering a better customer experience has become the only differentiator. Businesses are realising that keeping customers is more profitable than acquiring new ones. If customers aren’t satisfied, the business can suffer a deathly blow to its bottom line.”

He said that customers already expect automated answers to simple enquiries, automated tills at supermarkets, and automated car park payments, adding: “By the next decade they will expect so much more.”

It is extremely important for call centres to embrace AI and prepare for a world where it becomes part of daily life.

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