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Agents unlikely to be completely replaced by self-help service

Customer RepresentativeThe call centre industry is noting a lot of automation as many firms are setting up self-help services so their customers can conduct certain tasks at any time. However, although some telephone answering services might fear self-help could completely replace agents, this is an unlikely scenario.

Richard Pinnington, an expert in the industry, explained that agents are vital for call centres and are likely to continue being useful for many years to come. Self-services offer a lot of great benefits to customers, allowing them to complete common tasks whenever they like regardless of a call centre’s opening hours. Self-service can also help companies reduce their expenses and boost customer satisfaction. However, there are some demands that self-service simply cannot meet.

In many cases, customers’ queries can be complex and require more help than an automated service can offer. Agents can quickly pull up someone’s contact history, orders and preferences before engaging with clients over various platforms. Good agents can also instil a sense of confidence that a problem with be solved; this is something that self-service options cannot do. In addition, agents are empowered to make decisions to keep customers happy, going far beyond the capabilities of software.

For overall efficiency, it’s a good idea to meld self-help options and agents, reducing inbound traffic to call centres to the more complex queries that automated software can’t address. Although self-service facilities will keep many customers happy, being able to speak to an agent will be a comfort to others.


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