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Agents require better training on Unified Communications

Portrait of salesman with headset onA new survey has revealed that many call centre agents don’t realise the productivity benefits associated with Unified Communications (UC) and are therefore slow to adapt their approach to work. Despite many telephone answering services spending thousands on new technological updates, UC adoption rates are currently just 10 per cent.

Jabra has revealed that many employees underestimate the benefits of UC on their working day’s efficiency and performance levels. Because of this, call centres need to implement more incentives and training days to persuade people to adopt the modern methods. The adoption rate can also be increased by developing an implementation team with experts from human resources, marketing, IT, and corporate communication divisions involved.

Jabra’s senior vice president of marketing, Holger Reisinger, said: “UC is a key enabler in connecting today’s modern knowledge economies. At the same time, these new tools require entirely new behaviours. And, as has always been the case when introducing new technologies, we need to find ways to ensure that end-users adopt these new tools on their own terms.” He added that not everyone will have a passion for UC, and it’s crucial to clearly demonstrate its benefits in a bid to steer employees towards utilising it.

It is vital to ensure that those in the modern workforce embrace and use the technology they are given. Without the right education, thousands can be wasted on unused modern software.

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