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Agents can gain personalised experiences with new WFO tool

Friendly customer service consultants workingA new workforce optimisation (WFO) solution has recently been launched by NICE Systems. The tool allows agent experience to be personalised, giving call centres the opportunity to improve working conditions and keep staff members engaged.

NICE’s new Adaptive WFO creates a management, engagement and workforce planning environment that is capable of adapting to the individual who is using it. Agent persona scores are generated by accessing multiple data sets, including coaching results, CSAT scores, tenure, past education and work experiences. Metrics such as First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Average Handling Time (AHT) can also be included.

With this information, telephone answering services can use the WFO tool to pinpoint an agent’s weaknesses and strengths. These can then be used to create a personalised and dynamic work process. By using the solution, call centres should be able to boost their service levels with the flexible persona-based routing, forecasting and scheduling. This can also result in a tighter alignment between agent performance and customer experience because tailored coaching can be adjusted to suit various employees, increasing an individual’s performance.

NICE Enterprise Product Group’s president, Miki Migdal, explained why the new tool is useful. “Service agents personify the brand of any company as they have the greatest exposure to customers. This means that organisations must invest in engaging and empowering these employees at least as much as they invest in understanding their customers’ journey.”

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