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Agent progression helps call centres to compete

During lectureFor all businesses, it is essential to beat the competition, and firms that cannot set trends need to at least remain current with industry changes. This includes all aspects of an organisation, particularly employee recognition and development. For call centres that want to focus more on their agents this year, important areas to consider are mentoring schemes, knowledge management tools, and the development of clear career path options.

In order to retain staff members, telephone answering services have to invest in them. This boosts the morale of individual employees and can have a positive knock-on effect for customers.

The latest information from Dimension Data revealed three main areas that many businesses are placing a priority on in 2016. First, it is essential in the call centre industry to have a clearly defined career path for new agents and current workers to follow. Meanwhile, mentorship programmes are being increasingly used. Finally, a lot of firms want to boost training success and efficiency with knowledge management tools.

Dimension Data also discovered that more firms are failing to measure the benefits of training, despite the increased interest in educating their staff. Whilst training has some obvious advantages, there is nothing to facilitate change if companies do not evidence this with real measurements. In fact, 46 per cent of those surveyed did not understand the relationship between productivity improvements and training, whilst 48 per cent had no idea whether customer satisfaction was directly affected by staff education.

To keep up with the competition, more must be done to increase the skills of frontline agents. Firms must keep up with industry trends in order to be successful.

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