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Agent productivity and satisfaction improved by tech integration

Call centre technologyNew research has found that employee and call centre agent productivity and satisfaction can be greatly improved by providing technological integration. In addition, removing distractions from the workplace and reducing constant connectivity can help companies ensure that they get the best from their staff.

In a bid to understand what drives employees to work to their best, Plantronics revealed data from a global Oxford Economics research. As part of the study, more than 1,200 non-manager employees and senior executives were questioned about productivity in the workplace.

Several interesting findings emerged, including the fact that most employees simply want to work. This means that distractions must be kept to a minimum, which is something that is likely to affect the way telephone answering services office workspaces are designed. In fact, the desire to work was far more important than other amenities, such as access to free food, for example.

Another key discovery was that modern workers demand technological integration. Despite the fact that many people are expected to be connected to work at all times, just 40 per cent of people reported that their workplace devices seamlessly integrate with home technology. In addition, many people are jaded by the demand to be constantly connected.

It was also shown that many managers fail to realise there is a problem, with almost two thirds saying their workforce has technology to avoid distractions. However, with under half of workers agreeing, there is clearly something wrong.

For call centres that want to optimise their staff, reducing distractions and ensuring seamless technological integration can make a big difference.

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