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Agent performance increased by adapting computer interface

For all call centre agents it is vital that they are able to deal with callers quickly and efficiently.  There can be many factors that stilt a conversation with a customer and affect the positive experience that a brand is striving for.  But, by simply adapting computer interfaces, customer service can be improved.

Telephone answering services should attempt to reduce onscreen clutter to an absolute minimum.  Talking with customers (especially agitated ones) can be difficult, and having to focus on multiple onscreen boxes or screens to answer questions can be off-putting.  Flicking between programs and screens not only takes time, but can result in callers not gaining the best attention from agents; a poor use of time if brands are concentrating on increasing their customer services.  Therefore, call centres should look to use software that brings all information into as few screens as possible, helping to facilitate the flow of a conversation.

Another important step to take is to reduce the amount of reading agents have to do.  Reading and talking utilise similar areas of the brain and it can be very hard for people to carry out both tasks at the same time.  Reducing literature as much as possible and replacing it with colour-coded data or pictorial help can be an ideal solution, allowing agents to focus on calls.

Allowing agents to concentrate on customers rather than having to hunt down information is essential for good customer service.  By simply changing computer interfaces, a great boost in consumer services and productivity could be noted.

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