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Agent management essential for efficient call centres

Having expert agents in call centres is just one factor in ensuring that a telephone answering service performs well.  There is no point having skilled workers if they are not in the right place at the right time.  Therefore, taking care of workforce management is important.

There are many tips that call centre managers can follow to ensure that their members of staff are working in the most effective way.  Firstly, efficiency is key, and managers must take the time to work out the staffing requirements of a business, factoring in peak call times, and ensure that schedules reflect when workers will be needed.

Part of being an efficient manager is being able to forecast call flow and traffic peaks.  Without having back-office process knowledge this is almost impossible, so managers need to take the time to ensure that they understand all the work processes that agents have to go through.  Whilst learning back-office work, this is also the opportune time to talk with agents and gain their feedback.  Seeking out this advice can also help in enforcing workplace management.

In addition to talking with staff, it is important that systems are set up in a way that enhances a management plan.  There are many Workforce Management Systems that have been carefully developed to ensure that executives can create the most efficient team possible.  By using such a programme, call centre managers can put the right people in the right place at the correct time, promoting efficiency and good customer service.

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