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Agent attitudes affected by workwear

It might be a belief that because call centres agents cannot be seen, they can wear what they like.  On the surface, the clothes people are wearing do not seem to matter.  However, new research published by OfficeTeam said that 76% of HR directors think that work dress styles do affect agent and company attitudes.

It is vital for telephone answering services to run at maximum efficiency, and this relies on all agents working to their best performance.  With warm weather, a more flexible dress code is often desired by workers, and there are calls from some to lose the shirt and ties altogether.  However, those wanting to work their way up via promotions must continue to show a professional appearance, it has been shown.  The OfficeTeam survey showed that 44% of HR managers believe their members of staff wear inappropriate work clothes “somewhat” and “very” often.

Senior Manager of OfficeTeam, Rachel Stockwell, said: “It’s understandable that employees want to relax the dress code at work during the summer months, but they must take into consideration that what they wear can affect how their employers and colleagues view them.  In an ideal world, employees would be judged primarily on the merit of their work.”  She added that the choice of clothes can affect people’s chances of promotion.

In a call centre setting, it is vital to stay professional at all times, despite customers not being able to view agents.  Being smart will instil a sense of pride in work that will be sensed during phone calls.  In addition, those who dress to their best may be favoured for promotion over their colleagues.

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