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Adequate agent information essential for good customer service

phone numberSome call centres do not have the best reputation when it comes to customer service. However, in the digital age and during a time when consumers demand more than ever, many telephone answering services are revolutionising how they engage with people in a bid to attract business and maintain positive client relationships. One key priority is ensuring that agents have enough data at their fingertips because the inability to provide quick resolutions can frustrate callers.

One common phrase heard from some call centres is, “I’m sorry. Let me transfer you to someone with more expertise. Please hold.” On the surface, it might sound like an agent is making the right choice to ensure customers get the help they need. However, it also indicates that call handlers do not have access to enough information. This can result in increased queuing times and quickly annoy callers.

A report by ICMI shows that 82 per cent of consumers mentioned that a quick resolution can be the number one factor in providing them with a great customer care experience. Having to put someone on hold, therefore, can have a negative effect on this metric. In the call centre, it is essential to provide agents with as much data as possible so transfer numbers are limited.

Meanwhile, in a scenario where callers have to be transferred, it is vital to explain the reason and provide an estimated wait time. By doing this, positive consumer experiences can be maintained for better quality, branding and reputation.

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