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Added Value For Product Recall Support


According to an article from the BBC website product recalls have increased four-fold in 7 years. Apart from the odd exception most never make the news, but what if that happened to your company?

GoResponse has handled many major product recalls; so much so we’ve now formalised this call centre service offering in order to bring you added value, benefits and flexibility.

Our clients tell us that to successfully handle their product recalls they require:

  • Quick implementation
  • Flexibility to adapt to fast changing circumstances
  • A wide range of services such as communications, mailings, logisitics, database and CRM solutions
  • The ability to handle rapidly expanding levels of enquiries
  • Seamless communication between themselves and GoResponse

GoResponse has the experience, insight and partnerships to make your product recall a success; whilst minimising brand degradation with solutions that are totally modular and fit around your changing requirements.

Some agency clients have a standby retainer in place to handle situations that receive national & international media coverage; enabling them to have a service in place within hours.

Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd


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