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Active noise cancellation features on new Plantronics headset

Portrait of salesman with headset onUp-to-date technology is essential for call centres, and this applies to modern hardware as well as software. Now, Plantronics have unveiled a new headset that includes active noise cancellation (ANC), helping telephone answering services provide a better experience than ever before.

Call centres across the country understand the importance of having a clear and quiet line through which to chat to callers. However, the workplace environment can often be extremely noisy, and drowning out background noise can be a big challenge. Now, the Voyager Focus UC headset has been released. It includes both Bluetooth wireless and ANC features so that ambient sounds can be eliminated for better consumer care.

The product features an extended Bluetooth range of 150 feet, allowing agents to move freely around a call centre if required. There’s always a worry-free mute assurance feature that senses speech and alerts agents if mute is still on. Headsets have also been equipped with leatherette and memory foam ear cushions for comfort, and they have on-board sensors that can answer calls simply by placing the headset on, for example.

Bill Loewnethal, Plantronics enterprise solutions management vice president, explained: “We created a premium design that will convey confidence and competence during a video call. We’ve used sensors and context to adapt the user experience to the wearing style and state so it just works as expected. But our real innovation is in the audio performance. We adapted our microphone technology with improved algorithms to ensure clarity of the user’s voice, while suppressing background noises.”

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