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Acting tips that call centre agents can take advantage of

It might seem like nonsense to compare call centre agents and actors, but many of the tasks individuals are carrying out are similar.  For instance, when an actor is on stage, they have to pronounce their words clearly and concisely.  Likewise, employees in telephone answering services have to take care that they are in control of conversations and provide clear advice.

One of the most important things for agents is to ensure they sound like an expert.  There is nothing worse than callers phoning for help and realising that the agent at the other end of the line does not know what they are talking about.  Sounding professional helps to build a rapport, and agents can use phrases such as “I’d feel exactly the same” or “I completely understand,” to ingratiate themselves to callers.

Like actors, call centre agents can become nervous when they are talking, and this can result in individuals speaking at an extremely fast pace.  There are a number of methods that actors use that can be applied in telephone answering services settings.  One way to reduce speaking speed and control breathing is to smile during a phone call as it is harder to mumble.  Alternatively, agents could try standing up whilst taking calls.  This often helps people feel more confident, allowing their breathing and speech to slow.

It is vital for all call centre employees to properly engage with consumers and provide the best customer care.  By following a number of tips commonly utilised by actors, agents can excel to provide the best service possible.

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