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Achieve better care by targeting negative emotion

Over the past few years, the depth and analysis of customer services have gained tremendous ground. This is largely due to call centres and businesses realising that service quality is crucial in this competitive era if they want to be successful. Now it has been suggested that targeting negative emotion could be a key factor in improving service quality levels.

Research has shown that the emotional state of a consumer can have a big effect on customer satisfaction, even more so than effort and success factors. Therefore, telephone answering services should target negative emotion so they can quickly address it. One way to do this is using speech analytics, with software identifying language like “outrageous”, “not acceptable” and “frustrated”. Agents can then quickly attend to the potentially upset consumer and attempt to rectify the issue.

In addition, call centres can gain an increasing wealth of data regarding negative emotion using speech analytics. Each time a word crops up, the conversation can be placed into a context area. For example, if an email for new customers contained an offer, complaints might be received from long-term customers. In this scenario, a targeted mailing can then be sent in the future to long-standing clients with a similar offer, ultimately limiting the amount of negative emotion received.

An individual’s emotional state can greatly alter how a business interaction was perceived. By targeting and then trying to reduce negative emotions, call centres can improve service levels.

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