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Accurate capturing of customer details vital for call centres

Market analysisCapturing customer details is vital for call centres. This allows companies to build a client database so that marketing can be correctly targeted, loyalty can be rewarded, and upselling can occur. However, data is useless if it isn’t correct, and this is why it is essential for telephone answering services to turn their attention to capturing information.

One of the best reasons to get accurate data is that it actually improves customer experience. For the most part, a call centre might be the only interaction a consumer has with a business. Therefore, it is vital to get names, addresses and previous purchase history correct. Wrong addresses can result in particularly costly mistakes when mail is returned and has to be redelivered. Moreover, this can have an emotional impact on consumers who don’t get their goods when they were expecting them.

Another benefit of having accurate data is that Average Handling Time (AHT) can be reduced. If address details and other information are already in a system, it saves on data entry time, facilitating fast calls and allowing agents to get right to the heart of a caller’s issue instead of spending half the call collecting information.

Having accurate data is vital for modern call centres that want to focus on their consumers and make sure every experience is positive. By taking a moment to ensure the correct information is being collected, companies can stave off many future issues.

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