GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Accuracy is key for FCR measurements

Call centres have become obsessed with First Call Resolution (FCR), and it is no great surprise, because this metric has been shown to have a large affect on customer satisfaction.  For telephone answering services who can deal with the majority of people’s problems with just one call, customer service can be heightened, leaving consumers with a positive experience.  However, FCR must be measured correctly if call centres are to understand and make changes to the metric.

One of the hard things about FCR is that it is difficult to measure it correctly.  Managers cannot rely simply on call-back tracking as people will not always call back if their problem continues.  In the worst case scenario, they may have gone to a competitor.  Alternatively, they may have solved the problem themselves, or used an alternative channel such as chat or email.  One way in which some call centres tackle the problem is to carry out post-contact surveys, though this is still not completely sufficient.

To get the most accurate FCR data, telephone answering services must use a combination of methods.  Call-back tracking and surveys can be used in conjunction to gain rough estimates, whilst focus can be shifted in order to improve FCR instead of actually trying to capture the figure.

For call centres wanting to tackle FCR, it is vital to get agents trained as quickly as possible so they can resolve problems more easily.  Conflicting performance objectives must be eradicated, whilst agents should be given freedom to provide improvements for FCR.  By striving for accuracy, and tackling the problem not the metric, better customer service can be provided.

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