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Accommodating dyslexia in the call centre

Telephone ServiceCall centres can be a challenging place to work for many people, with agents needing to be skilled in many areas. They need the ability to deal with a large variety of people and cope with technology. For those with dyslexia, matters are even worse. However, telephone answering services can implement a number of changes to better suit employees who have this condition.

Dyslexia affects the way spoken words are processed and stored, and it can cause particular problems when trying to read. Making sense of a script, therefore, can be very difficult, causing agents to fall behind with the phone conversation. To ease this problem, it is best to reduce script sentences to just four or five words. Alternatively, scripting can be eradicated altogether in favour of bullet points or a flow chart.

It can also be helpful to those with dyslexia for call centres to play to people’s strengths. Instead of having a standard agent role, it could be better to place employees in creative, visual jobs that requires problem-solving and strong reasoning skills; these traits are often seen in those with dyslexia.

Officially identified as a disability by the 2010 Equality Act, dyslexia primarily affects people’s spelling and reading abilities. By adapting a call centre to promote awareness and help those who are afflicted, businesses can ease the day-to-day struggles for many of their employees.

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