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A virtual office is crucial for customer services this Christmas

Christmas is only a week away, and many companies will be seeing a reduction in staff over the festive period as people take time off to be with their families. However, this is a time when call centres can note a large amount of work as customers call for help with new services or products that have been given as gifts. It’s important that calls aren’t missed, despite the busy period, and using a virtual office can be an ideal solution.

Managing a telephone answering service when a lot of staff members are taking a break can be difficult, and many business leaders find that they don’t get to spend time with loved ones over Christmas as they’re manning the phones that their employees normally do. However, this doesn’t have to be the case this year, and a virtual office can be created to answer customer calls and queries – even if people are miles away from their office.

Virtual offices can be created in a number of ways. Telephone calls can be forwarded to any number, allowing business leaders to talk to customers even if they’re sat at home in their slippers. Creating a schedule over the Christmas period to share calls with a number of colleagues can help, allowing periods of downtime. This means no calls are missed but individuals don’t miss spending time with their loved ones. Alternatively, instead of answering calls themselves, chief executives can hire a cloud-based virtual receptionist. These can be set up very quickly and without needing any hardware, allowing business leaders to sit back and enjoy the festive period whilst knowing that all their calls are being taken and dealt with.

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