GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

A solution for call centre customers

At Go Response we manage numerous accounts and provide a variety of call centre services for small businesses, large corporations and everyone in between. We talk frequently about how important customer service is to us and what we do to ensure our call handling agents are the best they can be. We offer a fantastic service that not only pleases our clients but is also a welcome relief to their customers when compared to some call centre experiences.

To this end we were intrigued to hear about a new app available for both Android and iOS by British developer Matt King called ‘WeQ4U’… and the name says it all. This service is functional on both mobile and landlines and comes to the rescue of people spending too long in a holding queue.

As an automated call queuing service WeQ4U does all the waiting for you. Users of the app receive 8 calls included in their regular mobile minutes, a cost savings of roughly 30 p/month. If one finds him or herself caught in a call queue, pressing 9* activates the service, which holds their place for them, free of change, in the call queue. A simple ring back from the service reconnects you when the agent is free. WeQ4U estimates an average saving of £2.53 for every mobile phone-based call center call.

At Go Response we do everything we can to mitigate call waiting times however not every call centre operates in the same way and on average UK consumers will spend 45 hours a year on hold. So on behalf of all the customers out there, Matt King, we salute you!

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