GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

A new image for the call centre

For many people, the call centre is not a place that they want their call connected to.  Over the years call centres have obtained an image of dull places that leave calls queuing for hours and do not really help anyway.  All of this is now changing.

Call centres are beginning to abandon the verbatim scripts that were the bane of many customers’ lives.  Real conversation cannot be scripted and this limits the ability of the call centre operative to really help the customer.  As an alternative, some contact centres are opting for an interaction model that can help to guide the operative and give them more flexibility in their conversations.  This is particularly important for those who want more than a telephone answering service and who want to use a call centre team to carry out market research.  The customer will find it hard to believe that the operative is not trying to sell them something, but a personal approach will help.

Setting targets can also be an issue within the call centre environment.  Some centres base their targets on the volume of calls taken and the speed with which the call is ended.  This is not a true measure of success and to reach such targets can often mean forgetting about the needs of the customer.  The call may take twice as long as expected but if the customer goes away happy and the client does not have to deal with a further complaint then the call has been a success.


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