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A Lesson for Real Call Centres

A tragic story of a police officer ignoring calls shows the importance of real call centres.

A police officer has been let go from a Metropolitan department in the UK. He failed to send police on emergency calls. He is also said to have had at least 140 improper calls where victims were in danger, even one woman who threatened suicide due to an issue of rape. Another victim called up the 999 call centres when a brick was thrown through a window. The perpetrator was sitting outside with a gun. After hanging up and calling again the person received a proper emergency response handler who sent out the police.

It is this true story of an ineffectual call handler that makes it clear the importance of having trained staff in any business and industry to handle customer calls. The wrongly trained person answering phones could lead to a loss of business. This leads to a loss of revenue.

Call centres are generally effective and the above is just one case where something went wrong with one employee; however, it certainly shows why a business may want to ensure that they have the best staff to handle calls. Employees who are hired for other more important jobs in a business may create issues handling calls or be distracted from other tasks in order to answer questions received over the telephone from customers. For anyone needing telephone answering services, checking the training of the employees and comparing various call centres can be most helpful in making a proper decision.

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