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A History of Call Centre Benefits

Call centres are not a new concept.

Call centres have been around for several decades now, but it was not until the 90s that we really took notice of the different benefits these services could offer. It also took until the last decade of the old millennium to realise the advantages of outsourcing meant more than just telephone answering services.

In earlier decades it was natural to hire hundreds, even thousands of agents to cover the necessary call volumes; however, this has all changed. The changes began in the 1960s with interactive voice response (IVR), where the company would use computer prompts in order to direct calls.

The 70s through to the 90s helped increase the use of IVR, but now in the new millennium the technology is better. We still have the IVR technology, but this is incorporated into other technology, such as live chat, email, Twitter and Facebook. Consumers can call at any time of day or night in order to get a hold of a customer service representative. It is possible to operate call centres 24 hours a day with a small workforce. This also means cost reductions for your business when you use outsourcing. The calls are always answered instantly, though it will depend on the information consumers are seeking as to whether the client will have voice recordings only or a customer service representative.

A bank is a good example of how the new IVR technology helps with customer service, given that the bank can tell a client their balance without the need of a teller.

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