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A fortnight wasted on complaints and digital communications

A new survey has revealed that the average UK consumer spends almost two weeks a year waiting to get through to customer service departments and having their complaints resolved.  The average summer holiday period is spent simply trying to get the expected service from companies, resulting in many people wasting time on call centre lines.

Kenny Bain, an expert in the customer relationship management tools market, said: “Our vacations are offset by annual ‘greycations’ invested into the mundane process of waiting to be served and trying to get things put right.  You could argue that the effect of poor service neutralizes any benefit we get from our annual holidays.”

In addition to discovering the average length of time that people are waiting in a bid to get services to work, the poll discovered that electronic communication is being increasingly used by customers wanting to vent their anger.  Just 15% of people said they complained face to face, whilst 25% revealed they used multiple channels to complain.  Meanwhile, 10% of people use three or more places to air their frustrations.

There are many solutions being overlooked by managers in the telephone answering services industry, who would do well to scrutinise their IT departments.  Here, executives can ensure that complaints are not being duplicated and that direct enquiries are made easier.  This not only reduces the amount of time callers are wasting, but improves customer services.  In some instances, frustrations might even be converted into a positive experience.  Therefore, with many people spending huge amounts of time complaining, simplifying the process is essential.

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