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A fifth of consumers demand social media

Social media signsNew research has shown that one in five UK consumers turn to social media to voice complaints or try to resolve product and service complications. It is not enough for telephone answering services to diversify their channels to include social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; they also need to manage them in a consistent and efficient way.

In the latest study, 18 per cent of respondents said they would try to make a complaint using social media first. The same number of people would also utilise platforms to try to resolve issues; in fact, 14 per cent would prioritise places like Twitter when experiencing a crisis.

These modern platforms are also used by 14 per cent of people to make a booking, whilst 13 per cent use them first to seek out information. However, despite many people turning to social media, 29 per cent said that if they encountered bad service, they would look for a new company. This goes to show how important social media is to call centres.

Echo Managed Services’ Head of Sales and Marketing Chris Cullen said of the research: “Due to the varied nature of enquiries being presented, we believe that it should be managed predominantly by the customer services function – who are experts in handling multichannel customer enquiries day in day out, rather than the marketing department. But what’s crucial is that customer services and marketing work closely together and not in isolation.”

He added that real-time feedback is increasingly available, and firms must utilise this data to inform and direct their marketing communications.

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