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A customer service definition

Everyone knows that customer service is important – it is why many companies are now turning to call centres to help them with this aspect of their business.  They are no longer prepared to leave it to chance and hope that the customer remains with them while they muddle through.  However, what is it that constitutes good customer service?

By definition, customer service is a business providing advice or help to the people who purchase goods or services from them.  To the customer, the quality of this advice and assistance is paramount.  The supplier needs to be knowledgeable and to deal with a whole range of questions and issues as they arise.  It is not always possible for a business to deal with this on its own, which is why a telephone answering service is often the first option for a new business.

Good customer service is a prompt response and one that helps the customer towards the solution that they are seeking.  Call centres often have a negative reputation and one of the reasons for this is that the customer does not seem to take priority.  Queuing calls are not helpful for customer service and this is more or less guaranteed to encourage customers to take their business elsewhere.  A team that is offering a great standard of customer service is a happier team and this will lead to higher levels of staff retention.  Customers that come back time and time again will be able to build relationships with the customer service staff, which also helps a great deal.

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