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999 outsource call centres

Change is afoot. The government have taken a leaf out of the book of hundreds of companies and decided to outsource London’s fire brigades call centre. As part of the 10 year contract Capita will provide a modern 999 control system allowing firefighters to respond and attend incidents even quicker. By making this move London fire brigade aren’t just saving time; they’ll be saving lives.

London’s fire brigade aren’t the only emergency service to go down this route; West Midlands Police have just announced that they are also set to initiate call centre outsourcing; this time 24hr call answering of the non-emergency number, 101

This is the start of something new for the government and we don’t think it will end there. By outsourcing their call centres the emergency services are freeing up time to perform their ‘on-the-ground’ roles more effectively. They also gain the benefit of more up-to-date equipment, not to mention, save money.

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