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Connections and career opportunities essential for employee engagement

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Recruitment is an expensive business, and it is very important to retain staff members for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the call centre industry is notorious for having a high employee attrition rate. To combat this, telephone answering services need to focus on providing career opportunities and making the right connections to ensure that their agents are engaged.

One of the most important things for any line manager to understand is the value of employees. In the call centre environment, agents have to wear many hats, from being brand representatives to problem solvers, and it is important to recognise this. If relationships with managers are not invested in, no amount of profit sharing or employee-focused perks in the world will persuade people to perform at their best. Engagement is normally a direct reflection of the strength of the manager and agent relationships, so placing a priority on this is essential.

In the telephone answering services world, it is also important to develop a clear career structure and actively promote it to agents. Most people want to progress in their job, so even new starters should be made aware of the options. Managers must challenge their workers in a bid to raise performance levels and push people towards a promotion whilst creating an ambience of confidence. Engagement can be boosted by providing tools and knowledge to facilitate success, helping agents to feel they are learning skills.

Retaining employees is important for any business, and by focussing on building key relationships and helping people have a clear career path, call centres can hold on to their best agents.

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