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60 Million Euro Contract for Outsourcing

The French Postal Service has just commissioned a new contract for outsourcing worth 60 million euros.
The companies involved are not as important as the reason behind the outsourcing contract. The postal service decided it needed to outsource some of its work in order to be more efficient in the European market. The concept was to increase logistics and parcel services.
Outsourcing, like call centres, is most helpful to any company that needs to control costs. Outsourcing can reduce a company’s overheads. This helps to free up resources. These resources can then be used to expand a company or raise wages, or kept in reserve for an emergency use. In recent years, it is easy to see why a company might want more resources on hand in the event that the economy turns around again.
Telephone answering services and outsourcing can reduce capital expenditure, eliminate investment in a fixed structure, and even offload some of the functions that are not core to the business. Executives can have more time to concentrate on the important issues of running the company rather than the day-to-day problems. A company also accesses specialised skills; they may need but not have room for the original company infrastructure. There are always the controlled costs of manpower and training that add to the benefits of outsourcing. The postal company in France realises these benefits. This is why they signed the outsourcing contract.

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