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4 tips for motivating call centre staff

Keeping employees motivated can be a challenge at the best of times. In the call centre, where work is a constant stream of consumer queries, ensuring agents are working at peak levels of performance is essential. The following four methods can help telephone answering services keep workers happy and engaged.

Introduce shift swaps

The workplace has become more flexible, and call centres need to recognise the importance of schedules in keeping staff happy. Introducing a shift swapping process can help bolster agent mood. Even though executives might worry about potential negative consequences such as drops in service quality, for example, happier staff members are likely to balance out the problem.

Advertise career progression opportunities

No one likes to be stuck in a dead-end job, and it is important for call centres to make their agents aware of opportunities to climb the career ladder. Instead of leaving this to word-of-mouth, companies should take steps to promote opportunities to staff members.

Listen to team members

Simply listening to agents can be a very effective way of boosting their motivation. Lending an individual – or an entire team – an ear provides support and understanding. This goes a long way toward building a culture of positivity in which people will thrive.

Provide success clarification

One mistake many businesses make is failing to provide employees with a clear understanding of what success looks like. Unless this is done, agents can ever fully be certain of their achievements. Performance-based goals can be set for agents and changed weekly or monthly. This allows people to understand how successful they have been without fostering an environment of monotony.

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