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3.4 million people employed by European call centres

New research has shown that Europe’s 35,000 call centres employ around 3.4 million people across 34 countries.  The European Contact Center Benchmark Platform 2012 added that around 20% of telephone answering services activity was for outsourcing purposes, indicating that contact centres continue to be an important resource for both companies and consumers to utilise.

Overall, Benchmark’s research suggested that there would be 5% growth in the call centre industry every year over the next decade.  Whilst inbound operations account for around 75.8% of activity, 20% of the activity within the sector represents outsourcing.  Miguel Lopes, Executive Vice President of Altitude Software, the company who were behind the survey, said: “The contact center market is a fast evolving reality that requires more research.  The Benchmark is a remarkable effort to further our understanding of industry trends in Europe.”

With growth estimated for the call centre industry as a whole, it suggests that many people will continue to find work in this market, bolstering the millions of agents already working in the sector.  Despite a growing emergence of customer services being offered via a multi-platform approach, including those such as Facebook and web chat, many individuals still prefer to contact telephone answering services directly to get help with questions and enquiries.  Whilst traffic continues to climb, call centres will continue to be in great demand.

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