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2013 to see increased customer self-service

Call centres remain a vital way for customers to contact companies and access support for their products and services.  However, as 2013 looms on the horizon, there are several considerations that telephone answering services must take into account, with increased self-service becoming a top customer priority.

There are individuals who want to access a call centre directly, but 2013 is set to see instant messaging and web chat really taking off.  For people who are accustomed to using the internet, being able to browse a website and talk instantly with staff will be an invaluable tool that increases customer satisfaction and produces more sales.  Likewise, mobile apps will also become more important, with apps that are able to integrate with existing telephone answering services providing some of the best facilities for customers to use.

Achieving the correct balance of customer contact has always been important, but this area is also likely to gain priority in 2013.  Customers like to access support on their own terms.  Whilst receiving text messages or emails can be useful to reduce call centre queue times, the balance of providing useful information, but not becoming regarded as a spam deliverer, is vital.

Paul White, an industry expert, said: “Today’s customers clearly don’t like to be kept waiting, so we think it will become imperative for customer service organisations to deploy technologies that will allow customers to conduct interactions on their own terms.  However, this will only be successful if all these interactions are serviced as part of a single, integrated customer service queue.”

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