"What a great help to my business. I didn't realise what a drain on resource fielding the phone calls was until we employed GoResponse!"
- David Galvin, Papa Johns

10 Reasons Why…

    1. Our average age of call handling agent is 27 – experience counts!
      Comparatively more mature workforce than a typical call centre with staff recruited from customer service backgrounds such as reception, retail and hospitality
    2. Our average length of employment is 2 years 9 months
      High staff retention shows good morale and loyalty. This benefits clients with more consitency of service and high levels of product and brand knowledge and fluidity.
    3. Over 25% of our workforce have been with the company for over 5 years
      Considering that we have grown rapidly since our inception in 2003, our agents and support staff are dedicated to delivering ongoing service through passion. Your calls wont be handled by scores of university gap year students, jobbing actors, backpackers and other transient workforces.
    4. We are have won National and International awards for customer service and call centre design
      Our working environment is probably the most modern of any outsourced call centre provider. All staff have modern workstations with dual flatscreens, as well as a dedicated training suite with full  ICT facilities. And when the team are taking a break, there is a TV room with sofas and board games, a high tech gym, a cafe area as well as a garden area with the occasional BBQ!
    5. Scalability
      We have 130 seats in our main centre with access to additional space on site if required at short notice. Our cloud based telecoms allows us to implement rapid resourcing requirements.
    6. Over 70% of our agents are qualified level 2/3 in Customer Services
      We don’t want good call centre agents. We want great customer service ambassadors. We have dominance in serving disaster response companies who demand the highest levels of empathy and soft skills capabilites due to the extreme sensitivity and emotionally charged nature of calls.
    7. 92% of our clients say we are great value for money
      Value is not a price – it is an experience. We constantly solicit feedback from our clients, informally through close relationships with our Customer Relationship Managers and Directors, as well as surveys, Open Days and focus groups. We also empower our call centre Customer Service Agents (CSAs) to work with our clients in attending meetings as a representative of the call centre, visiting client premises or acting as feedback channels for the agents in their team.
    8. 82% of staff say they are proud to work for GoResponse
      We want 100%!
    9. 84%  of staff would recommend working at GoResponse to a friend or family member
      Over 30% of our workforce have come to GoResponse through introduction.
    10. Every agent workstation has modern PC’s with dual flat screens.
      Modern PCs with dual screens allow for efficient call handling with a heightened experience for the caller. Many of our clients require us to use their systems, whether for accessing a CRM for case histories or payment gateways to complete a transaction. Dual screens reduces error rates and increases the amount of information that the CSA can have at their finger tips.


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