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0845 numbers to change within a day

For some time, call centres have been aware that it will soon be illegal for customer service lines to be operated via 0845 numbers. From tomorrow, June 13th, the new law comes into force, and it is essential that telephone answering services have made preparations for the change.

In the latest survey, it was found that the majority of companies are aware and have planned changes. In fact, 57 per cent of those asked said they are ready for the new law, whilst eight per cent have never used 0845 numbers and are therefore not affected by the regulatory change.

However, six per cent of companies are not ready. Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that 28 per cent of respondents did not know changes were coming into effect. Whilst some companies, such as British Gas and Staples, have already switched, others, including River Island, BMW and Thornton’s, have yet to make the change. Those who have not switched by June 13th will be breaching the law.

In some cases, technology providers might be able to help call centres prepare. For example, Darren Sullivan of Ultra Communications said: “The implications of the new regulations have already been raised and discussed with Clients of our Cloud Platform, and new 03 numbers assigned to each relevant inbound call flow. Technically, the process was completely painless for our clients, and also seamless for any consumer persisting with the original numbers.”

With only a day to go, it is imperative for executives to check their 0845 number usage and make the necessary changes immediately.

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