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0845 number changes to affect financial sector

close up shot of human finger pressing landline phone numberOn June 13th, 2014, call centres across the country were affected by new rules regarding the use of phone numbers. For example, 0845, 087 and 09 numbers were outlawed for existing customer use as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruled that “Customers should not be made to pay extra for attempting to rectify problems which are not their fault.” Now, the FCA has announced that from October, the rules will also affect banks, insurance firms, and other financial services companies.

Previously, the rules for contact numbers applied only to passenger transport, traders, and retailers; the financial sector was excluded. However, from October 26th, 2015, this sector will also have to adhere to the legislation. This means that telephone answering services that operate within this industry might need to change existing contact numbers for their customers.

David Hickson of The Fair Telecoms Campaign said: “We welcome the fact that the FCA has finally caught up. This is good news and we expect the new regulations to be largely effective. If new customers have to pay a ‘Service Charge’ to make contact with a company, this will be permitted, but one must wonder if the company really understands what it is doing – given that it must declare this charge.”

The news is being embraced by the call centre industry because It means that customers will get fairer options for getting services help whilst also levelling the playing field for British companies.

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