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0800 changes for mobile phones need to be addressed by businesses

Girl finger touching screen on mobile phoneFrom the 1st July 2015, mobile phone users will be able to call 0800 numbers free of charge. Whilst the costs might be eradicated for the individual consumer, expenses are likely to be passed along to call centres instead. This means that businesses across Britain need to prepare themselves ahead of time so they are equipped to handle the change.

The true impact of the Ofcom changes won’t be seen until the new rule actually comes into force. The calling behaviour of consumers will likely change if people know they don’t have to pay high costs, and this could boost the traffic that telephone answering services have to deal with.

In addition, these rises might not follow traditional peak times because customers can call when they are away from landlines such as residential numbers. As a result, companies need to ensure that they have the resources to deal with increased calls and continue providing the highest quality of care.

Although it’s not yet known how businesses might be affected, it is a good idea for companies to start preparing; this involves migrating existing systems to 03 numbers. Ofcom have protected the right of call centres to utilise the same numbers, meaning that the 08 part of the number only needs to be switched to 03 and the rest can remain the same. By starting the migration now, call centres will be able to ensure the system is up and running before next summer, avoiding any last-minute shocks that could occur during the crucial consumer change.

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